Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. deploys ‘QuickSight’
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Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. deploys ‘QuickSight’

Chelsea Logistics deploys QuickSight, a business intelligence and analytics tool, to improve customer experience

With around 100,000 monthly transactions carried out across its companies, the Chelsea Group deployed a business intelligence and analytics application called “QuickSight” to provide timely customer behavior reports, thereby assisting the Management in making strategic and more proactive business decisions.

QuickSight is an interactive and secured digital platform that generates extensive and real-time reports which will keep track of the Group’s passage and cargo sales, passenger demographics, agents’ performance, inventory, orders, deliveries, and customer insights.

For QuickSight, Chelsea Logistics partnered with Stratpoint Technologies, a global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for more than 20 years. Specializing in Agile software development, cloud, data, AI, and emerging technologies, Stratpoint ensured that the Chelsea Group can easily access all the needed information via a self-service and user-friendly web portal.

We are honored to be Chelsea Logistics’ partner in this data initiative, which is critical to their business. Determined to make the project a success, their data team closely collaborated with our own engineers to assess and explore solutions that will respond to their challenges and push for growth. Now powered with a data solution from AWS, they are in a better position than they have ever been to keep their lead in the business,” said Stratpoint Technologies Head of Cloud and Data Sonny Carlos.

Chelsea Logistics Information Technology Head Efren Bernardino, Jr. remarked: “We appreciate the hands-on training and support from Stratpoint that helped us to deploy QuickSight smoothly. The automation of data fetching and data transformation will certainly make the reporting process faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors. This project also reduces operational costs by optimizing data processes such as compression and file format conversion.”

Chelsea Logistics President & CEO Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy reiterated Chelsea Group’s commitment to complete its 5-year digital transformation program in 2023. As Chelsea turns data into visual and digestible real-time reports, the Group remains steadfast in providing competitive rates, more reliable shipping and logistics services, and efficient customer service.

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