Haus Talk Launches Affordable Housing Project in Laguna
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Haus Talk Launches Affordable Housing Project in Laguna

PSE-listed Haus Talk, Inc. (HTI) launched today The Granary, a 10-hectare economic housing complex in Biñan, Laguna.

The development features an allocation of 40% of its total land area for common use including relatively wider road networks and open spaces when compared to other similar segment offerings. Amenities for the residents are also in the plan such as those found in more premium residential developments like a clubhouse, chapel and sports facilities. The Granary’s units have an affordable price point starting at PhP2.5M.

With the first phase of development completed, HTI began marketing last February and has since sold over two hundred units of its 2-bedroom townhouse.

As with other successful developments it has completed, the company attributed the strong demand for The Granary units to competitive pricing of homes that are ideally located and sold through a strong network of trusted and competent agents.

“We are excited to see the uptake of our product given that we only began marketing two months ago. Our team spent a long time on planning to ensure that we can provide a community that is affordable for families yet evokes a more premium quality in terms of design of the homes and the surroundings they will be in,” Maria Rachel D. Madlambayan, HTI President shared.

HTI approached The Granary with the intention of doing things similar to other more premium residential projects. Aside from ensuring that the quality of the build was good, it also engaged PGAA Creative Design for the master planning. The Philippine design firm is known for its urban design, environmental planning and mixed-used projects locally and throughout Southeast Asia.

Laguna has been identified as an ideal growth area for residential projects given the vast expanse of available land for horizontal development and its accessibility via the tollway. Major universities and health facilities have also invested in relocating in order to be closer to the residents who prefer to stay in the outskirts of Metro Manila.

HTI considers the property as situated in a good location given that it is at the center of the town of Biñan, accessible to various commercial and retail stores, public transportation and other relevant businesses.

“The location of The Granary also contributes to the interest of buyers as it is located about 10 minutes from the Mamplasan exit of the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and allows for our future residents to still be close to the central business districts while enjoying the fresh air and relaxed lifestyle of Laguna,” Madlambayan pointed out.

The real estate firm acquired the land and funded development using both the proceeds from its successful initial public offering (IPO) last 2022 as well as internally generated funds as part of its land banking strategy in anticipation of increased demand for affordable housing. As of 2023, the country faces a housing deficit of some 6.5M homes nationwide.

HTI aims to provide affordable and comfortable residences with a vision of enabling medium income Filipinos to invest in their own homes built with attention to detail, good craftsmanship, quality materials and an abiding respect for fairness in trade.

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